uKash Casino Payments

Ukash is a third party payment processor, a system which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It works by users purchasing a voucher, on which is a secure code. The code is what is used when making payments online, or when using e-wallets to move money digitally.

Because Ukash is so simple to use, it is a popular method for transferring money to online casino accounts. It is also very popular in instances when making transfers from a bank account is not possible. Or when transferring money using credit cards incurs high charges. This in no way means that Ukash is free of fees, but in comparison to many credit card charges the fees associated with Ukash are considerably lower.

These vouchers can be bought from many retail locations, ATM’s, and from the internet. Which in many respects is a lot more convenient, and it will behave more like an e-wallet system. These vouchers can be broken down into smaller amounts, and used to transfer money into accounts online. Which is why they are perfect for online casino gaming.

The benefit of Ukash when transferring money to an online gaming account, is your personal details and financial information will remain private. And once you purchase a Ukash voucher you are not restricted to the number of places you can transfer the money. None of your details have to be given to Ukash, which makes using this system even more secure and safe.

If you are looking to use Ukash to deposit money into your online casino account, then it is important to realise that many casinos will give their users big bonuses because they used this method to move money. It is not uncommon for some casinos to offer an additional 10% to the users who use Ukash for transactions. But make sure to choose a reputable online casino.