Fire Hawk Slot Machine

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Firehawk-SlotsFire Hawk is built around a theme focusing on Native Americans. In today’s online casinos there are not many games sporting this type of theme. That means Fire Hawk offers a refreshing “newness” on this front. The reels are set on a background of a native settlement in a desolate landscape. In the game the chief is used as the wild symbol. Meanwhile the scatter symbol is represented by the fire hawk.  Other symbols used in the game include, the squaw, headdress, drums, and pipe. All of the symbols in this game are well crafted and reflect the Native American culture. The main symbol of a hawk with its wings spread, above a fire is very well crafted and feels truly authentic.

The animation in this game is very aesthetically pleasing. Both visually and in regards to the audio of the game the design is very well developed. In one sequence the face of a chief gives way to the whooping war cries of a horde of Natives participating in an authentic war dance. Then the hawk bursts into flames and flies off screen. The audio used in this sequence has been incorporated into the rest of the game. This can become a little off-putting and you can disable it in settings.

Fire Hawk offers 25 paylines in this slot game. When playing you can choose to enable fewer lines if you choose. When you disable lines though, you will not get paid for combinations that appear on lines that are not active. This game offers a more adequate coin size spread than many others. You can have denominations starting as little as .01 and going all the way to 10.00, with subsequent intervals in-between. However because of the higher denomination cap you can only bet one coin per line. This is not a real issue for high rollers, being able to bet up to 10.00 on 25 lines, you can wager up to 250.00 per spin. This is a much higher cap than a lot of slot games.  In this game scatter payouts are multiplied by the total bet to be converted to credits.

The wild symbol (the chief) will substitute for any symbol in the game other than the scatter symbol. In this game the wild symbol will only appear on reels two and four. Also unlike many games in the main Fire Hawk game the wild symbol does not serve as a multiplier. The chief does not offer any line payouts like the wilds in other games. The highest jackpot in the game is provided by the squaw symbol, five of these symbols pay out 6000 coins. When two or more fire hawk symbols appear anywhere on the reels you receive a scatter payout. Any time three or more fire hawks appear you will receive 20 free spins. In the free spin games payouts are not multiplied unless the chief symbol appears. When the chief symbol is present on reel two the payout is multiplied x2. If the chief appears on reel four the payout is multiplied x5. If you spin a chief on both two and four the payout is multiplied x10. This game offers some very large payout possibilities.


  • Great animations and graphics
  • Free spin bonus round
  • large bet range


  • No progressive jackpot
  • Wild symbol only appearing in two reels