Hot Ink Slots

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hotink-slotsIf you have tattoos or you are thinking about getting one, this is the game for you! Hot Ink is a game that is themed after tattoos. It is a unique concept which is why gamers looking for a different experience are very impressed with it. There are various symbols that can show up on your lines as you play the slot machine game. They are symbols and images of tattoos from actual tattoo parlors.

The payouts for winning depend on the combinations of tattoos that you get on your pay lines. There is actually a mixture of options that can win you money with the 5 main tattoo symbols offered within this slot machine game. You will love the look of these great tattoos such as the heart with wings and the dice with flames. There are also the famous cherries, a star, and a horseshoe that can result in you winning money as you play Hot Ink.

To make this slot machine game even more enticing, there is the Hot Ink logo which is a wild symbol as you play. It can substitute for any other tattoo symbol in the game. As a result, your chances of winning increase. The Tattoo Bonus is initiated when you get the Tattoo logo on a pay line. In order to generate free spins, you need the fish symbol to show up on a pay line.

The free spins offered depends on the combination that you have with your symbols. The least amount is 10. The maximum amount you can get is 20. However, if you are in the midst of a free spin set it is possible to get the set up again that earns you more.

The animated graphics are high quality within Hot Ink, and your eyes will enjoy what they see. In fact, you may think your eyes are deceiving you at times. For example, there are two fish symbols that turn into the Ying and Yang symbols. There are several changes that occur with the colors and payouts based on the types of symbols that line up together. You don’t get those benefits when they show up on their own.

The music playing in the background is also impressive with this slot machine game. You don’t get boring sounds. Instead, you get to experience some very lively music which is just what you would expect when you visit an actual tattoo parlor. This game is very upbeat and fun to play. Don’t worry if you don’t fully understand all of the winning combinations. As the show up, the slot machine will tell you how much you have won. You won’t be waiting for just a few sets of combinations to come up in order to win.

There are actually 1,024 ways you can win while playing Hot Ink. While the fixed jackpots are low, they can keep you playing for a long time with a low amount of money to start with. You can wager up to 10 coins per spin. The more coins you wager, the higher your chances of winning become. If any of the winning symbols should appear on pay lines you didn’t wager on, you won’t get that payout.