Magic Multiplier Slot Machine

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magic-multiplier-slotMagic Multiplier is a slot game centering on a magic trick style theme with symbols such as a fan of cards. The wild symbol is a magician holding trick cards. The game comes with three scatter symbols, each scatter symbol triggers one of three bonus games. As with numerous other video slot games from Microgaming the four main symbols exhibit animations when they appear in winning combinations. The game does not come with background music however, the standard game sounds are more pronounced than found in most games.

The Game Basics

The game has five reels, typical for video slot games. However, there are thirty payout lines slightly different from the twenty-five, forty or fifty that is normally seen. The game does have bonus games that appear on a second screen as well as free spin and fixed jackpots. There is no progressive jackpot, which may be seen as a disadvantage. However, the primary jackpot is set at 10,000 coins, which is higher than most jackpots. The second jackpot however, is set at a significantly lower value of 250 coins. This value is significantly lower than the primary jackpot but also significantly lower than the average spread for a secondary jackpot.

The coins size value ranges from 0.01 to 0.10 and is not restricted to certain values in this range, offering the player some flexibility in their coin value. Players are allowed to wager up to 20 coins per line an increase from the more standard 10 coins. This gives the maximum bet a value of 600 coins. The wild symbol is necessary to obtain the 10,000 coin fixed jackpot.


Scatter payouts are available when two or more scatter symbols appear and with the appearance of three or more Wheel symbols, the player will activate the free spin bonus round. This bonus round consists of the Magician appearing and providing a random number of free spins. There is a multiplier for this free spin bonus game, which will multiply the number of free spins displayed by five. The game does allow for free spins to be retriggered however; the same multiplier will be used. Free spins can be used to trigger additional bonus games however the free spin multiplier will not work on these payouts.

The Curtain symbol only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. When they appear this gives scatter payouts and activates the Curtain bonus. This does not open a second window but allows the player to choose one of the curtains. The opened curtain will reveal a certain number of credits. Occasionally a second selection will be allowed.

The Cups bonus game will appear when the cups show up on reels 3, 4, and 5 together. This offers scatter payouts but also opens a second screen, which accesses the cups bonus game. This is a hide the ball under the cup game where the player needs to guess which cup houses the ball. If the player guesses correctly, there will be a bonus credit up to 25 times the value of the bet on the trigger spin. However, if the player guesses incorrectly, they will only receive two times the triggering bet. This game is played three times.

The game is offered by Microgaming, started in 1994, the company is known for producing games with excellent graphics and music. Overall, the game offers some unique features such as three different bonus games as well as scatter payouts and a sizable first jackpot.