Online casinos background

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The very fact we are required to decipher casinos as being land based and online, has meant we completely immersed in the internet age. Land based casinos have a long and detailed history, stretching back centuries.

But the same sentiment cannot be shared with online casinos. Which are a very recent development in comparison to the land based alternative, the first of which goes back as far as 1765. Fast forward 200 years and we are now able to enjoy its online great grandchild, and the online casino industry is still young when compared with all other industries.

However, in its short life it has managed to go from a small spot in the vast world wide web, to being a multi-billion dollar global monster which has changed the casino industry. At the same time adapting to every other inevitable technological advancement.

It was in the 1970’s, when casinos launched new gaming software. And as time has passed technology has gained in power and strength. Moving from simple stand alone pieces of software to today’s versions. Which are able to connect to servers, thanks entirely to the internet, and access superstrength gaming software. In 1994 the landscape changed once more, when a regulatory body had surfaced to keep an eye on the industry.

Now players are able to sit in their homes and play their favourite casino games, and even interact with other players and dealers. With mobile technology and mobile casinos also rising in popularity, players are able to play on the go. The future of online casinos is hard to predict, but the hugely profitable industry is not looking at slowing down. As such lessons of the past, especially those from land based casinos, must be employed for successful steps forward.