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Private Eye Slots

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Detectives are always exciting to follow, whether they are featured in a movie, book or slot machine. Private Eye is a slot from Microgaming that continues the adventurous genre of the 1950s by... READ MORE

Hot Ink Slots

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If you have tattoos or you are thinking about getting one, this is the game for you! Hot Ink is a game that is themed after tattoos. It is a unique concept which... READ MORE

Gold Factory Slots

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Slots are one of the most popular games you can find when it comes to casinos. There are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of different types of games and each casino has more machines... READ MORE


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An online casino is a destination which enables internet gambling offering an environment similar to that of a real casino. This includes casino games (such as: SlotsBlackjackRouletteVideo Poker; Craps; Baccarat; Pai Gow; Keno and Caribbean Stud, Bingo, Poker) and various other sporting and non-sporting events. Generally, bets are placed through personalized accounts where funds are deposited, from which bets can be placed.

Before the invention of the internet, visiting a casino required the physical action of going to one made of bricks and mortar. However, once the internet was invented it wasn’t long till online casinos were created, and the possibility of gambling was brought into homes across the world. Bets are placed through personalized accounts created by you – the user. Funds are deposited into these accounts by the user through several means. Credits cards are usually the preferred option. But electronic or certified checks, money orders and wire transfers are other popular options.

There are thousands of online casinos on the internet tailored to different countries such as United Kingdom, United States, Canada Casinos, Australia, etc. An industry which has flourished since its inception in 1994, and started by one lonely site. While internet gambling is a recent development, it has risen in popularity in a way realized by only a few industries. Going from single player experiences, to the current wave of multi-player live casino games.

The very first site offered no more than eighteen games. While the games themselves haven’t changed much over the years, technology and the internet have allowed casinos to revolutionize the simple of act of gambling. Today we have the convenience of betting on any games at any time at mobile casinos directly from your phone.

On ReTweetist you will find Information about the variety of online casino games, as well as advice and tips on how to play these games, however if you are looking for a more comprehensive site we recommend visiting reputable sites such as CasinoAdvisor.com, which have detailed game reviews for every casino software maker.