Payout Percentages – Online Casinos

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One of the key elements for any online casino is the payout percentage. Which is defined as being the difference between the house advantage and the total number of bets. The payout percentage is key because it determines the amount of money being returned to the winning player.

The vast majority of reputable and trusted online casinos will make these figures public knowledge. Especially on games such as slots, blackjack and roulette. The payout percentage is a big indicator to the player, giving them enough information in regards to how successful they will be when playing.

So if a game like slots has a payout percentage of 98%, it means the game will return 98 cent for every dollar the player stakes. The 2% difference is referred to as the house advantage. This figure is also referred to as the ‘theoretical payout percentage’, because not all games are based on the house advantage.

A high number of online casinos are routinely audited by independent organisations to make sure the payout percentages are fair, and this is usually the case with all of the reputable online casinos. What is important to note is that these payout percentages may not be realised by the player when they play with real money. What they do is, provide a decent indicator of what you can expect by playing the game. Because these figures fail to take into account the players skill level, the time they have played and their betting average.

However, they should still be an important factor when choosing a casino, and it is hugely beneficial to understand what these numbers mean and the impact they will have towards your game.

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