Keno Casino Games

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The Chinese game of Keno has become a solid fixture in casinos all over the world, including online casinos. It just so happens to be one of the more simpler games in existence, since the outcome of the game is left to luck.

Chinese gambling games seem to be synonymous with difficulty, but Keno bucks the trend. When played in casinos, the game is set so that the house has a high advantage over the player. However, with low stakes potentially giving way to huge payouts it still holds its own in terms of popularity.

Chinese immigrants brought the game over to the west when they settled in the United States, and ever since then its popularity has not diminished but the game has changed. The rules are fairly simple to learn, and shouldn’t stop anyone being able to jump straight into a game.

Ultimately, Keno is a game based on luck. 80 balls will be chosen at random, and the players have to guess which of them will be drawn. During any one Keno game there will be 20 balls drawn, and players will be paid in regards to how many numbers they had guessed correctly. Usually while the game is going on you will mark off numbers on your ticket, if those numbers are drawn. When all numbers have been drawn, the ticket is given to an attendant who will check your numbers and provide you with your winnings.

Unfortunately, since Keno is a game of luck it is hard to have a strategy for it unless you play many times. In which case you may keep track of which numbers are chosen more than others. If you are looking to enjoy a game of Keno at an online casino, be familiar with the rules and choose a respected website.